недеља, 28. октобар 2018.


МИЛИЧИНИ СПАРТАНЦИ ОСВОЈИЛИ 15 МЕДАЉА НА КУПУ СРБИЈЕ са https://ift.tt/2Jm8lum На Kупу Србије у каратеу, за полетарце, пионире и наде, који је одржан у Београду 27. и 28. октобра, учествовало је више од 1000 такмичара из 120 клубова. Међу њима су били и каратисти тренера Милице Новковић. Паланчани је било 12, а освојили су 15 медаља: 8 златних, 4 сребрне и 3 бронзане медаље. Златне … Nastaviti čitanje #‎СмедеревскаПаланка‬ ‪#‎Србија‬ ‪#‎вести‬ ‪#‎новости‬ ‪#‎Паланка‬ ‪#‎Serbia‬ ‪#‎news‬ ‪#‎Palanka‬
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На Kупу Србије у каратеу, за полетарце, пионире и наде, који је одржан у Београду 27. и 28. октобра, учествовало је више од 1000 такмичара из 120 клубова. Међу њима су били и к...

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    However, not every community was banned. It didn't take long. Reddit, following on the heels of twitter, has updated certain rules to explicitly ban ai-generated "deepfake" porn. In a place where there used to be one rule banning porno comics and lewd posts involving minors, there are two in the 3rd millennium - and it's clear that you're not allowed to post "pictures that are still fake." You're quite incapable of posting normal images of other visitors for the purpose of creating fake porn without consent. Accordingly, reddit has taken some crackdowns on some offending communities. He shut down the deepfake subreddit that launched the game as well as youtube fakes. However, the ailment has not shut down subreddits that are not burdened with deepfakes, which list celebfakes, and accepts communities with more innocuous intentions, such as fakeapp (the program itself and sfwdeepfakes. At the moment it was more about eliminating specific violations that caused outrage than about eradication of all potential policy violations. In a statement to engadget, reddit reaffirmed the separation of rules and emphasized that the partner hoped to create a "welcoming, open space for anyone" that would trust its users to create a space that "cultivates honest conversation." You can read the full statement below. This will not, of course, kill any ai-generated porn. However, the deepfakes subreddit is considered to be the effective birthplace of this trend, and its disappearance could reduce the volume fake porn elsewhere, discord, gfycat, pornhub and others have already promised to ban the material. There is no certainty that sites are able or will delete everything. Creepy face changes can be stored for a long time, even if not as widely publicized as in recent days. If you love this article and would also like to get more information about the ai porn generator (spicy-ai.com), please visit our platform.